Clear Polythene bag Clear Polythene bag

Are Plastic Bags Getting a Bad Reputation?

May 26th 2016

Plastic bags are durable and reusable. This is perhaps why these bags have been the preferred packaging option for so many years.

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Green polythene bag Green polythene bag

All You Need to Know About The 5p Plastic Bags

April 10th 2016

A new law regarding plastic bags was enforced in October last year: Shops in England are now required to charge 5p for each single-use plastic bags.

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Red Polythene Bag Red Polythene Bag

Polythene bag charges from retailers

March 8th 2016

News reports that at least one major greetings card retailer got around the 5p carrier bag law, could inspire other businesses to take a closer look at the carrier bag regulations, and find their own creative ways to the do the same.

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Colour codes rubbish bags Colour codes rubbish bags

Why Colour Coded Bags are Important

February 17th 2016

Colour coded bags help to separate waste more effectively and optimise the recycling process. Collectors can see exactly what’s in the bag and it is easier for both them and the recycling complex to identify waste and capture as many recyclable items as possible.

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clinic worker hazardous waste clinic worker hazardous waste

Polythene Factoids you may not have known

February 4th 2016

Polythene is the 83 year old innovation who’s first major conquest would be in the fight against Germany in WW2 before going on to shape the worldwide future in packaging.

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Red polythene bags Red polythene bags

Bespoke Polythene Bags for all Applications

January 13th 2016

Polythene bags come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes, meaning that there’s an almost perfect fit for almost any packaging—and therein lies the problem: almost. Don’t you think that your business and its customers and clients deserve better than almost perfect?

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Clear polythene bag Clear polythene bag

Recycling Polythene Bags

December 31st 2015

There is one question that we’re asked more often than any other: are your clear plastic bags recyclable?

The answer? Yes!

Our bags may be clear, but as a company, we love being green!

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Ice Cubes for Low Melt Bags Ice Cubes for Low Melt Bags

What Are Low Melt EVA Bags Used for and Their Advantages?

November 18th 2015

EVA bags, also known as ethylene vinyl acetate bags are commonly used for packing materials in industrial use. They are an effective method of packing rubber and synthetics.

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Frog on leaf Frog on leaf

All about Amphibian Fencing

October 29th 2015

Using specialist polythene sheeting to protect reptiles, amphibians and various habitats for wildlife can help conservationists to preserve natural defences, while also protecting the creatures in that habitat.

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Clinical worker with mask Clinical worker with mask

Why clinical waste bags are vital for health care practitioners

September 21st 2015

Bags for the disposal of clinical waste are a vital part of a health care practitioner’s routine.The safe handling and disposal of waste is not only a practical necessity, it is a legal requirement.

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