Amphibian Fencing

Using specialist polythene sheeting to protect reptiles, amphibians and various habitats for wildlife can help conservationists to preserve natural defences, while also protecting the creatures in that habitat. The polythene sheeting used by us is extremely robust and will protect a variety of outdoor animals, including newts, lizards, reptile and other amphibians.

Also known as Newt Fencing, the combination of polythene sheeting with wooden stake support is now considered to be the preferred way to erect newt fencing. Polythene sheeting is considered to be the best low disturbance form of fencing for amphibian and small animals. Anyone wishing to protect this type of habitat will need to provide suitable fencing in order to obtain the relevant DEFRA licence.

Polythene Sheeting for Amphibian Fencing

We supply polythene sheeting which is specifically designed to be used as amphibian fencing, and features an ultra-violet inhibitor additive which prevents the polythene from deteriorating or rotting when used outside, exposed to sunlight. Using this additive means that the polythene sheeting can last for as long as 5 years in the outdoors and will not degrade as rapidly as ordinary polythene.

The anti-UV sheeting can be provided in a number of sizes, and is also available in a tint or colour that can be matched to the habitat it will be used in. The sheeting can have a print on if required.

If you want to install amphibian fencing to protect a habitat, or to ensure that reptiles are unharmed during research or environmental studies, then this UV polythene sheeting is one of the best ways to do so without damaging the surrounding environment. This type of fencing is cost effective and relatively long lasting.

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