Low Melt EVA Bags

Low melt EVA bags, sacks and film are used in the chemical, rubber, food and ice industries, using low density polyethylene combined with an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) additive.

Within the chemical and rubber industries this type of bag is also known as an inclusion bag. The EVA resin ensures that the bags, sacks and film are able to melt at much lower temperatures than standard polythene products. The percentage of additive can be varied up to 18% to suit individual applications. Specification sheets are available on request. Adding EVA gives another added advantage over standard polythene as the seal quality is improved along with puncture resistance.


EVA Polythene

EVA low-melt bags can be stored at freezing temperatures as low as -30 degrees C. They are not going to deteriorate become brittle in these low temperatures, unlike standard plastic bags. This makes them suitable to store a range of frozen items including meats, vegetables and even ice.

Our low-melt EVA bags are made to the highest standards, and are designed to be high-quality, durable bags suitable for use in a number of industries. Order from us and you will see that you can get the best quality bags and products alongside great customer service for complete satisfaction.

Abbey Polythene can supply you with these high-quality products in plain or printed polythene, manufactured to your own specifications. If you have specific dimensions in mind, or need advice, contact us today with your requirements and we will either produce the product ourselves or, for things we cannot make, source it from another manufacturer.

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