Polythene Sheeting

Polythene Sheeting and How is it Used?

Polythene Sheeting is the perfect solution for covering and wrapping products,  for storage or when you are transporting goods as well as for covering items for protection. Used in almost every industry, nothing performs in as many differing environments for as many uses. At Abbey Polythene, we manufacture and supply a wide range for a variety of purposes. It’s is a versatile and very cost effective method of protection and can be used in multiple industries across the UK, including:

  • Food and drink
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Retail

Abbey Polythene can provide polythene sheeting in any size rolls up to 4 metres wide to cater for many different applications. It can be centre folded or multi folded for easy use and storage. It can also be made with perforations so that smaller sheets can be torn from the roll or we can supply cut sheets in boxes, whatever you need we are flexible in our approach and will do our utmost to accommodate all customer requests.


Different Types of Poly Sheeting Available

There are a variety of additives and procedures that can be used if the polythene sheeting is required for specialist purposes. These include low slip, high slip, high strength, anti-static for printed circuit boards and fire retardant for additional safety, centre folded or in reels. We can also supply it with a volatile corrosive inhibitor to reduce rust formation on the product covered. If it is to be used outdoors it may need an ultraviolet inhibitor, which not only significantly delays the degradation of the polythene when exposed to sunlight, it also protects the covered product from damage by the UV rays of the sun.

We can supply colour, tinted or clear polythene sheeting and, if required, with a one colour random print. The sheeting can be made from virgin grade, BRC approved food grade or recycled polythene, we can also provide heavy duty polythene sheeting where required.

Punched holes can be added if required, or micro perforations that make the plastic sheet breathable and to stop misting and fogging.

All of our poly sheeting can be supplied on rolls or centre folded if preferred.

Why Choose Abbey Polythene?

If you are unsure of exactly what you need, the team here at the office can help advise based on your individual requirements. We are experienced and incredibly knowledgeable in this field and have been supplying all kinds of polythene sheeting to a massive variety of different companies for years. We feel strongly about the need to responsible recycling and wherever possible use recycled material.

What sets us apart? Our no nonsense approach that means we recommend the products that you need rather than the ones we want to sell. This has seen our customer base returning time and time again, they know they received impartial advice, great products and value for money pricing. Find our more about our polythene sheeting.

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