Clinical Waste Bags

Clinical waste bags are vital for many businesses and organisations including:

  • Healthcare practitioners
  • Veterinary practices
  • Specialist waste collection companies

These high quality waste bags have been specifically designed and manufactured to comply with the UN3291 standard and conform to European legislation which clearly outlines the regulations regarding the collection, transportation and disposal of this type of waste. Using these bags help to easily identify and segregate clinical waste from other types within a healthcare environment.

There are different classifications in the industry including clinical waste, infectious waste and non-infectious waste, offensive and non-offensive and hazardous waste. Therefore it’s important to understand what can be disposed of as infectious waste could be very different for example, to items that are classed as non-offensive waste.

As experienced suppliers in this industry, we understand and keep up to date with all current regulations in this area to ensure our products are of the highest standard. We team quality alongside providing a cost effective solution to all of our customers and won’t provide sub-standard bags.

Why Choose our Yellow Clinical Waste Bags for your Clinic

We can offer opaque yellow LDPE polythene bags which are UN3291 certified. These are printed with the message “Clinical Waste for Incineration Only 7kg” to clearly identiy their use and make them stand out from other sacks or rubbish bags.

They are supplied in boxes of 200 with the following pricing schedule:

Number of Bags Number of Boxes Price
200 bags 1 £45 per box
400 bags 2 £40 per box
600 – 1400 bags 3-7 £38 per box

These prices are subject to VAT but inclusive of delivery and are competitively priced when compared like for like.

Please get in touch to discuss larger quantities and bespoke requirements where we are more than happy to supply a quotation.

We’ll also happily send out samples as requested to show you the sheer quality, strength and durability of our clinical poly bags.

Why Choose Abbey Polythene for your Polythene Bags?

Doctors Surgery

Our products are manufactured using UK sourced polythene of the highest standard which guarantees that all of our bags are strong, durable and of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on providing top products and services at affordable prices. Please contact us to discuss all of your requirements for clinical or medical waste bags as well as every other type of waste and refuse sack you could possibly want.

For more guidance on the correct disposal of different items in the healthcare and medical industry, visit the Governments Website by clicking this link. This will explain whether waste is classed as:

  • Offensive Waste
  • Clinical
  • Non Offensive Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Non Hazardous Waste
  • Infectious

This will include things such as bodily fluids, tools, used needles and swabs, sanitary pads, incontenance pads, old medication. In fact anything that you can think of that is used in a medical setting will have clear guidelines as to it’s correct disposal . These change from time to time which is why we have directed you to the Government website as this is always up to date.

If you want to find out more about our clinical, yellow, orange or tiger striped bags then please get in touch today to discuss your waste disposal requirements. We will be happy to help.

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