Degradable Film

We supply degradable film, sheeting, tubing, etc. to order. They are also available in food grade or anti-static film. The degradable film is fully biodegradable with the addition of heat and/or light. Please see below for more detail.

Degradable film is clear with a slight yellowy tint, but can have a colour added, although this may affect the length of time it takes to degrade.

The additive used is called Polybatch® DEG 68 manufactured by A. Schulman who have released the following information:

Polybatch® DEG 68 is a highly concentrated masterbatch which can be added to Polyethylene to catalyse degradation under the influence of sunlight and/or heat.

A.Schulman’s Polybatch® DEG technology has been used for many years for the production of agricultural mulch films, which are required to be degraded at the end of the growing season so that they can be ploughed into the soil.

How Does Degradable Film Work?

Films containing Polybatch® DEG 68 can be stored for extended periods away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Upon exposure to sunlight, the degradation reaction will be initiated. It will then continue, even in the dark, and will be accelerated by heat. Heat alone will also promote the reaction. Tests have shown that a 50 micron (200 gauge) Polyethylene film containing 4% Polybatch® DEG 68 will be degraded to total embrittlement in less than 2 months when stored at 70°C. This temperature is typical of that reached in composting situations. Higher addition rates will increase the speed of degradation. If desired, stabilisers can be added to delay the onset of degradation.

Several academic studies have shown that when the molecular weight of Polyethylene has been reduced sufficiently, it will become digestible by microorganisms in the soil and therefore become truly biodegradable. Therefore the ultimate degradation products of films containing Polybatch® DEG 68 will be water, carbon dioxide and small amount of non-toxic mineral matter.

All ingredients of Polybatch® DEG 68 are positively listed for use in food contact applications under European Directive 2002/72/EC. There are no specific migration limitations.

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