Recycling Sacks

Abbey Polythene prides itself on its high calibre, superb quality and value for money Recycling bags, sacks and films. We provide recycling sacks to a wide range of sectors (but not limited to):

Building and construction
• Waste management companies
• Janitorial services
• Local authority
• Horticulture and Agricultural
• Military
• Retail
Health Care providers/clinical waste professionals
• Animal health care providers/clinical waste professionals
• Merchants and Wholesalers
Food and Drink

The Importance of Recycling

We understand the importance of recycling and waste segregation and the complexities within each sector.

By using coloured bags, materials are easily identified and segregated, using printed sacks can further assist in identifying contents. Printing the name of the company responsible for collecting the recycling waste is added clarification. Clear or tint coloured bags and sacks can be used so that the contents are visible and opaque bags are suitable for confidential materials.

Abbey Polythene is able to offer a bespoke printing service. We can take your design from concept, follow it through to manufacture and offer fast delivery on the same. Using printed bags assists many trade environments and kerbside waste collection services.

Our range of recycling sacks are available in a variety of widths, lengths, thicknesses, colours and films to suit all and every need. We manufacturer our own recycling bags, sacks and film so are able to offer these on a perforated roll or loose. Unless requested otherwise all sacks will be produced on a perforated roll.

If you are unsure on the size or colour bag/sack required why not ring our sales team on 01489 790666. If you provide us with the dimensions of the bin/box you are looking to use, we can do the rest.

We offer fast despatch on our entire range.

Polythene is an amazing material – globally 80 million tonnes are produced each year, it is resistant to bacterial growth, making it an ideal material, both hygienic and economic.

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