Amphibian on ground Amphibian on ground

Why Is Amphibian Fencing So Important?

January 6th 2022

Amphibians are small cold-blooded vertebrates that require water or a moist environment to survive. They include frogs, newts, salamanders, and toads. You can differentiate the amphibians from other species through how they breathe.

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polythene sheeting used for wrapping polythene sheeting used for wrapping

Top 4 Ways to Use Polythene Sheeting

December 3rd 2021

Polythene sheeting is a flexible product that can be used for both commercial and public projects. From wrapping products in a warehouse, to helping crops grow, to covering surfaces when decorating your house.

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waste bags coloured waste bags coloured

Why Use Specialist Waste Clearance Bags?

November 19th 2021

When providing waste clearance services to a range of clients, it’s essential to use the right tools. This is because not only does waste potentially provide a threat to the safety of your clients and the general public, but to your staff, as well.

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bespoke poly bags bespoke poly bags

Why Bespoke Polythene Bags are so Popular

October 19th 2021

Polythene bags and just bags right? Well not really, whilst available in almost any size, colour and shape your business and your customers deserve something different.

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polythene granules polythene granules

The Rise of Polythene

September 13th 2021

Whilst you may not remember a time when polythene didn’t exist, polythene is actually fairly new to our everyday lives. The vast majority of people will have used it at some point.

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trusted polythene supplier trusted polythene supplier

Why Choose us as your Polythene Bag Supplier?

July 20th 2021

As a leading supplier of polythene bags across the UK and Europe, Abbey Polythene are renowned for their experience and independent advice within the industry.

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poly reducing food waste poly reducing food waste

How Polythene Reduces Waste in the Food Industry

June 30th 2021

It is commonly believed that plastics are detrimental to the environment in a multitude of ways, with many people beginning to adopt paper or cardboard in its place. However, polythene can actually be beneficial

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clinical waste bags in dentist clinical waste bags in dentist

Our Polythene Clinical Waste Bags

May 14th 2021

Clinical Waste Bags and Sacks from Abbey Polythene with UN licensing and approval.

Abbey Polythene are the go to company when it comes to clinical waste bags, we supply to the healthcare industry and clinical waste collection companies.

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manufacture poly bags on roll manufacture poly bags on roll

How to Manufacture Poly Bags

April 9th 2021

Most poly bags are made using a material called polyethylene which unsurprisingly is where the name polythene comes from. This material is made up of lengthy chains of ethylene monomers. These monomers are derived from petroleum and natural gas.

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confidential Waste folder confidential Waste folder

Dealing with Confidential Waste in 2021

March 15th 2021

Whilst looking after confidential waste has always been important, since GDPR legislation came into force it’s become critical for businesses to protect customer information.

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