amphibian fencing amphibian fencing

Are you in the market for some Amphibian Fencing, let us help!

November 5th 2019

It’s not every day that you might need to fence in some amphibians, be they frogs, toads or newts. However, there are several reasons you might need fencing that prevents amphibians from leaving a habitat or perhaps stops predators and other threats

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clinical waste clinical waste

Clinical waste bags, what are they and do you need them?

September 30th 2019

Clinical waste bags are required by several types of businesses and organisations. If you run a medical business, you own a veterinary practice, or you deal with clinical waste, it’s crucial to ensure you have the right bags for the job. To ensure safe disposal and make sure you comply with the UN3291 regulation,

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image of polythene image of polythene

Do you need a bespoke polythene bag for your business?

August 27th 2019

As manufacturers and suppliers of a huge range of sacks, tubing, polythene bags, we can supply you with whatever you need. If you can’t see something that your business needs on our website, we’ll make it especially for you so that you don’t miss out. We work with a huge range of industries, and whether clinical waste sacks are what you need, or plastic sheeting is required, Abbey Polythene can help.

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image of food waste bag image of food waste bag

Helping you dispose of your food waste responsibly!

July 29th 2019

Food waste is a major issue in modern society. In fact, 15 million tonnes of food are wasted every year in the UK while 4.2m tonnes are wasted by consumers alone. While finding ways to buy food in a more conservative fashion is crucial for your bank balance, it’s the disposal of surplus food that will make the biggest impact on the environment.

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waste bag waste bag

A step by step guide to confidential waste bags

July 10th 2019

The safe disposal of confidential company files and information is an obligation that all UK businesses are bound by. Whether it’s client data, employee data, or details of suppliers doesn’t matter. You must not dispose of the content in an incorrect fashion, or else a £500,000 fine and prison sentence could find its way to your door. Confidential waste bags are, therefore, a crucial investment.

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black polythene waste sacks black polythene waste sacks

Choosing Quality Waste Sacks Saves you Money

May 21st 2019

As a business that uses a lot of waste sacks you don’t want to have to double up or deal with spillages across the floors of your offices or factory floor. That’s why going for the cheapest option is often bad idea.

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printed polythene bag in pink printed polythene bag in pink

Why Printed Polythene Bags are good for Business

April 12th 2019

Most businesses need printed polythene bags for a number of uses, whether you’re marketing your business or differentiating your waste. You can also purchase polythene bags in a multitude of different colours that can even have your company logo printed on them. For many companies it is a requirement to have your details printed on waste bags so that the disposal management companies can identify the rubbish from your company. For a hassle free way of organising your commercial waste, polythene bags are the perfect solution for your business.

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polythene is easy to recycle polythene is easy to recycle

Why Paper isn’t Always Best

March 12th 2019

When people talk about plastics, they often point fingers at how plastics are difficult to recycle, create a huge waste problem and ultimately leads to a worse environment. Unfortunately, these assumptions are not based on science or facts–it’s just a misconception.

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Polythene Sheeting Polythene Sheeting

Polythene Sheeting: What It Is and What It’s Used For

January 8th 2019

With so many technological advances developed in the last few years, it’s no wonder that every job can be done easily and more efficiently. Polythene sheeting is one of these wonders which really make every job easier even for amateurs. Because it has so many uses, this incredibly versatile material will allow you to solve any problem faster, in clever ways.

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christmas waste christmas waste

Reducing Waste over Christmas

November 23rd 2018

Christmas is a time most of us spend celebrating, gift giving and eating sumptuous meals with friends and family, all of which are a wonderful way to finish the year. Unfortunately the amount of waste generated over Christmas escalates as much as the celebrations do, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some tips to reduce your waste over Christmas without reducing the festive spirit.

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