newt being protected by newt fencing newt being protected by newt fencing

Everything you Need to Know About Newt Fencing

March 15th 2017

If you’ve ever visited or walked past a construction site in a rural area or driven along a busy road through the British countryside, the chances are that you will have seen newt fencing. You might even have spent a moment or two wondering about what it is and what exactly it’s for. If that is the case, you will find all of the answers you could possibly want regarding what newt fencing is and why it’s important, right here.

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pile of leftover food pile of leftover food

Reducing and disposing of food waste

February 15th 2017

Food waste is a big problem in the UK, with the advent of cheaper food and shopping on a less frequent basis we are throwing away more and more food. In an ideal world we would all shop on a frequent basis, purchasing the exact quantity that we need, but in a culture of a time poor population is this really realistic?

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Polythene bags in factory being made Polythene bags in factory being made

Food Packaging through the ages

January 20th 2017

Chances are that the last time you opened a can of beans or tore into a chocolate bar, you tossed away the packaging without a second thought. Most of us do exactly the same, but perhaps we wouldn’t if we knew a little more about the history of innovation and invention which has led to food packaging as we know it today.

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black polythene sheet black polythene sheet

How polythene has evolved and why it’s so popular

December 12th 2016

It might seem like polythene bags have been around forever, but they are a relatively newcomer into our day to day lives. Most of us will use them at some point whether to carry some shopping, package our food, or for waste products, it’s a material that has integrated itself seamlessly into daily life.

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Large clear Polythene Bag Large clear Polythene Bag

Why are clear polythene bags so popular?

November 10th 2016

One of the most popular types of polythene bags, the clear versions are cost effective and can be used for so many different applications.

They provide protection against the outside elements, such as dust and moisture while allowing you to see what’s inside of them.

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waste awaiting segregation into polythene sacks waste awaiting segregation into polythene sacks

Waste Segregation using Polythene sacks

October 18th 2016

As we see the waste management industry continue to grow both for the commercial and domestic sectors, the segregation of waste becomes more important and therefore polythene waste segregation sacks do too!

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Polythene plastic bag Polythene plastic bag

Compostable and degradable polythene bags

September 21st 2016

Compostable polythene bags are safer, greener alternatives to the conventional plastic bag.

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fruit in polythene bag fruit in polythene bag

Benefits of Polythene Bags at events like the Olympics

August 11th 2016

The polythene bag, known to many of us as the plastic bag, is ubiquitous with modern living, and has a multitude of uses.

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Clinical Waste Clinical Waste

Clinical waste sacks vs normal waste sacks – What’s the difference?

July 18th 2016

There are many different types of waste disposal containers and sacks, the two prominent ones being standard plastic Waste Sacks, and specialised Clinical Waste sacks.

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Plastic Carrier Bag Plastic Carrier Bag

When Not to Charge for Plastic Bags

June 22nd 2016

The whole of UK now follows a law where companies are required to charge customers for plastic carrier bags when they make a purchase from retailers.

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