What are Low Melt EVA Bags?

frozen food eva low melt bag

EVA bags are more commonly known as low melt polythene bags, they are used for items that need to be stored at low temperatures, as low as -30 degrees.

They have a number of uses including the packaging of synthetic and rubber materials, packing materials for industrial use, mixing substances, storing powder and granules before mixing to ensure the quality of the product is kept at an optimum. In industrial settings they are known as batch inclusion bags, specifically designed to be used in the mixing of plastic and rubber materials. But they are also commonly known for their use in packing frozen foods.

Regular polythene bags would disintegrate at low temperatures which is why EVA low melt bags are perfect for storing frozen foods and ice, in fact anything that needs to be stored at low temperatures.

EVA is a co-polymer which improves the precision of a product, its full name is ethylene vinyl acetate. The higher the amount of vinyl acetate used, the lower the melting point will be.

Benefits of Using Low Melt EVA Bags?

They are a number of benefits in using low melt UVA polythene bags, including the following:

Accurate Processing

Because they melt at a low temperature, one that is much lower than the substances inside the bag an unprecedented level of accurate blending can be achieved. Specific amounts can be added to each bag creating a controlled environment.


Mixing and storing ingredients inside EVA bags creates a much cleaner environment, protecting equipment and people from dust. Any substances are confined within the bags, thus preventing the need to handle those substances. There is also a reduction of waste because the substances cannot escape the bags.


Substances can be measured and packaged before the production process thus saving highly skilled workforces to focus on the manufacturing process. If substances are packaged and delivered in low melt EVA bags then even more time can be saved.

Cost Benefits

Low melt EVA polythene bags are competitively priced and easy to store before use, taking up little space and weighing little, cutting down on transport and storage requirements.

Up to the Job

You may be forgiven for thinking these bags are delicate, but they aren’t at all. They are incredibly strong. Materials or food items can be stored without the bags splitting or going hard over time.

Colour Coding

By using an array of different colours, you can easily identify different substances or ingredients. Making it quicker and easier together the necessary items prior to production. It also makes storage and sorting substances a more rapid process too.

So whilst most people will know low melt EVA polythene bags as holding ice and frozen foods, they have a massive array of uses in the manufacturing and industrial setting. Never to be underestimated, the benefits of these types of bags are numerous.