Why Use Specialist Waste Clearance Bags?

waste bags coloured

When providing waste clearance services to a range of clients, it’s essential to use the right tools. This is because not only does waste potentially provide a threat to the safety of your clients and the general public, but to your staff, as well.

For this reason, it’s essential to keep all safety precautions in mind, and thoroughly adhered to no matter what.

This means ensuring staff are fully briefed on your essential waste clearance protocols, trained in how to report issues, and are able to properly communicate with your clients. The more you invest in them, the more you can prevent safety issues or poor waste management from taking place.

One essential means of ensuring safety involves the right equipment. Specialist waste clearance bags continually prove themselves as the safest, most effective and efficient means of transporting a range of waste materials.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using Abbey Polythene bags and sacks as part of your waste management solution.

Colour Coded Waste Clearance Sacks for Visual Ease

Visual organization is crucial when managing many different types of waste. The effective toxicology symbols provide a baseline measure to help you understand the properties of a given material, but colour-coded bags allow any one of your staff members to immediately identify the contents of said refuse sacks, and manage them accordingly.

This way, you can also group like waste items together, segregate waste safely, as well as plan their logistical management as quickly as possible. With such clear visual identifiers, mix-ups will never occur.

Each coloured polythene bag is bright, easy to see even while wearing eye protection, and can be printed with the name of your service in both clear and tinted options. From yellow bags designated for the transportation of infectious materials or chemicals from human or animal healthcare, to green bags used for the disposal of landscaping and garden waste, a relevant option for your particular service is available.

Thickness & Safety as Standard

All polythene bags are thick so as to prevent piercing or tearing from the stored waste inside. They can also trap odours within the bag which prevents the potential spreading of hazardous materials.

This can prevent spillage, or wastage from escaping the bag. Polythene is also a material that retains its durability even when wet, meaning that waste management even in rainfall or transporting wet goods will not interfere with the structural integrity of your refuse sack.

It’s not hard to see the utility this provides, and how easy it is to train new staff members in managing waste using bags made from this material.

Portability is Key

Waste clearance polythene bags are known for their portability. It’s easy to stack and sort the bags before use thanks to their lightweight nature, and of course, the ability to tie bags after any amount of filling means that they never take up more space than they need, even when full.

This way, the organizational logistics involved with your particular waste clearing strategy will never be impeded by the polythene bags you use.

Contact Abbey Polythene today! Polythene bags may just be what you’ve been looking for in optimizing your waste management solution.