Top 4 Ways to Use Polythene Sheeting

polythene sheeting used for wrapping

Polythene sheeting is a flexible product that can be used for both commercial and public projects. From wrapping products in a warehouse, to helping crops grow, to covering surfaces when decorating your house. It really is one of those materials that can be used in countless ways. But for the purposes of this piece, we will focus on the top 4!

But first off, what is it? Well, polythene sheeting is a film made from petroleum so a form of plastic basically. Like all products in this vain it is almost completely waterproof, strong and with film based polythene you can also roll, fold or manipulate it into different shapes.

There are different properties that can be found by adding various chemicals during the production process. For example, sheeting can be fire retardant, anti-static or even UV inhibiting and can be processed in clear, opaque, or coloured varieties. It’s a flexible product that can be processed to suit individual applications and can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses too.

How is Polythene Sheeting Used?

As promised, here are the top 4 ways polythene sheeting can be used:

1. Packaging and Wrapping

The first most popular way to use poly film is to wrap or package up products. This ranges from small rolls used for keeping small items together to wrapping pallets during transit to stop movement of contents. Many warehouses use massive rolls to make moving products around via forklift much easier without risk of boxes falling or damaging what’s inside.

2. Aquaponics and Crops

Many farmers and keen gardeners will use polythene sheeting to protect plants and crops from weather as well as keeping a warm and more humid environment. One which helps plant life to thrive. It is also used for aquaponics where the cultivation of plants in water takes place, this can easily be supported with the use of polythene sheeting, and it can be much better for the environment than other methods.

3. Protection from Dust and Rubble

Polythene sheeting is often used in the construction industry to protect or for the creation of temporary shelters. For example, to protect bags of concrete from the weather or to cover furniture when decorating. Anything that needs covering or protecting during construction, refurbishment or home improvement projects can be covered with polythene sheeting. It can make life much easier whilst working and ensure the clean up afterwards is much quicker.

4. Specialist Usage

This one doesn’t really cover one use, but those circumstances that need a specific type of polythene sheeting. Many companies will have a delicate product or situation that requires something a little different than the norm. Here are some examples:

  • Anti-static
  • Low slip
  • High slip
  • High Strength
  • Fire Retardant
  • Corrosive inhibitor