Polythene Bags for Packing

Polythene bags are the most widely used material for packing. Polythene is a high-density form of plastic, which protects goods by encasing them. Polythene bags are light and cost less to transport.

Polythene has many benefits over other packing materials, including its ability to: protect goods, to be manufactured in a large variety of sizes and thicknesses, and to provide many different types of closure. Because polythene can be clear or translucent, it gives the user an idea about what’s inside the bag without having to open each one.

Polythene bags come in a range of thicknesses (known as ‘gauges’); the higher the gauge number, the thicker the polythene. Polythene bags are available in a variety of colours to suit different customer requirements. Coloured bags are normally used where products require colour coding for identification purposes.