Why print your logo or message on clear polythene bags?

Clear bag filled with beans

As a business, it is important that you advertise your company to as many people as possible. There are several ways that you can do this, including leaflets, media advertisements, and large-scale banners.

One of the most cost-effective methods of self-promotion for your business, and one which is used by almost all types of companies, is the promotional plastic bag. These are given to the customer when they purchase your product, and contain your company name, logo and slogan. This is an effective way to reach more customers than you might have thought possible.

Advertising on polythene bags

The reason that many companies choose to use clear polythene bags is simple. The clarity of the bag allows the viewer to see through from one side to the other, so they could spot your logo even when it is reversed. Not only can they see part of the logo, but they can also see the branding, including colours and designs that make your company unique. This means that they are likely to recognise your company, even if they don’t really know from where. With a clear bag, you have double the chance of getting greater public exposure, without having to do any more work, or pay higher costs.

There is another reason why companies choose to use clear polythene bags, and that is because the viewer can see into the customer’s bags, and can therefore easily spot what is being sold from your company. With a clear plastic bag, your business is able to not only tell the viewer your name, imprint the brand into their memory and perhaps suggest a catchy slogan, but it can also tell viewers what is being sold. This makes it easier for people who are searching for a particular item to associate it with your branding, and therefore choose your company when they wish to buy that product.