Recycling Polythene Bags

Clear polythene bag

There is one question that we’re asked more often than any other: are your clear plastic bags recyclable?

The answer? Yes!

Our bags may be clear, but as a company, we love being green!

Plastic Bag Recycling: The Myth

It appears that a myth has formed around the subject of recycling plastic bags. People across the world seem to believe that plastic bags are definitely not recyclable.

The origins of this myth are probably lost in time, however, the chances are high that the reason that so many people believe it is because a lot of recycle centres do not accept plastic bags. For that alone, it does make sense that people would consider polythene bags non recyclable. Fortunately, that just isn’t the case!

The reason for so many centres and recycle schemes not accepting plastic bags is really simple. It has nothing to do with the bags themselves. The plants and centres that recycle across the country generally have machinery that is predominantly suited to sorting and recycling harder materials. Coke bottles, glass bottles, aluminium cans and the like are all absolutely fine when put through such equipment. They can be sorted as the centre would expect them to be. No problem!

However, if you pass a plastic bag through that same machine, it’s unfortunately not going to be able to sort it properly.

The Solution

Currently, more and more recycling centres are being kitted out with the capacity to recycle plastic bags which makes our products even more environmentally friendly than ever before. So, as long as your local centre has the ability to do so, our polythene bags can be recycled just like any other!

Even if the current recycling centre that you use does not take on plastic bags, the chances are high that there is another within around the same distance that will. And with the trend for the machinery becoming more widely available, we predict that nearly every plant in the country will soon be able to sort and recycle polythene bags – excellent news!

“I Can’t Find A Plant That Will Take Clear Plastic Bags”

For some of you, this may be the case.

Without the help of your local authority or garbage disposal company, you may feel a little lost. You may start to wonder where you should put your completely recyclable polythene bags when there is no avenue down which you can go in order to actually recycle them.

Don’t despair!

The fact of the matter is that many supermarket chains across the nation have a blue bin outside of their stores. These bins are there to take on plastic waste of any description – yes, even the bags that your local centre or plant won’t take!

The bonus here is that it allows you to save the planet in one of the most convenient ways possible. A totally free recycling mission included in every supermarket trip that you make!

Our Bags Are Manufactured Responsibly, So Please, Use Them Responsibly

Recycling is a key factor in ensuring that the planet is protected for generations to come. As such, our final words on the matter are that it is the small differences that we make in our everyday lives, such as turning off the lights before we leave the office and recycling our polythene bags at the supermarket bins, that will ultimately ensure that future generations inherit a world as wonderful as that which we live in today.