The Importance of Low Melt EVA Bags

ice in low melt eva bag

Low melt EVA bags are important for storage and processing in both the food industry and industrial applications such as rubber and plastic processing. Their specific advantages make them ideally suited to a number of different uses in each industry.

What is low melt EVA?

EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate and is a co-polymer additive used with low density polyethylene to improve certain qualities. The percentage of the additive can be altered by up to eighteen percent in order to suit various applications. The more vinyl acetate is used, the lower the melting point and stiffness of the bags.

The two main applications for low melt EVA bags are in the food industry, for packing frozen foods and ice, and for industrial use in the chemical and rubber industries.

Industrial applications of low melt EVA bags

They are frequently used in packing materials for industrial use, being a useful medium for packing rubber and synthetics. EVA bags can also be used with granule and powder materials for production purposes as they will not affect the quality of the product. They are often known as batch inclusion bags in this industry.

Because low melt EVA bags melt at a lower temperature than the substances stored inside them, accurate blending can be achieved by controlling the exact amounts added to them without compromising the quality of the final product. They can be placed into rubber mixing machines with controlled quantities of granule and powder surfaces to ensure complete accuracy.

Ensuring accuracy in this way makes using these types of bags very convenient in industrial applications. They make it easy to store, transport and process the substances used, reducing the time spent measuring substances out during manufacturing processes. They also keep the workplace cleaner and safer by keeping substances contained and reducing dust and waste. They also reduce the amount of handling required with regard to ingredients and waste.

Food industry applications of low melt EVA bags

Low melt EVA bags are ideally suited to packing and storing frozen foods and ice. Unlike ordinary plastic bags, they won’t disintegrate, harden, become brittle or split in low temperatures and can be stored at freezing temperatures of as low as minus thirty degrees Celsius. As a resultthese types of bags are widely used to store frozen meat, vegetables, ice and other frozen foodstuffs. The bags are much stronger than standard plastic bags and are also more resistant to puncturing.

Types of low melt EVA bags

Low melt EVA bags are available in varying specifications to suit different applications and specification sheets are available from Abbey Polythene on request. We are also able to provide them in a variety of dimensions and colours as well as either plain or printed. Our bags are made to be of the highest quality and our customer service is of an equally high standard. Contact us today with your low melt EVA bag requirements.